"Duo capita sunt melius quam unum ... ! "

Translates from Latin as - Two heads are better than one ... !

Some Tasmanians have, for as long as the "world's best island" paradise been populated with non-indigenous peoples, been jokingly referred to as having "two heads". We could possibly claim therefore, to be "twice as smart". This slightly unusual "affliction" can be an advantage when it comes to problem solving - it is much easier to "put two heads together." If you pass a "Taswegian" anywhere in the world today, you will observe that they only have one head. This has come about because a possible third head (or more !) are generally lost, and the second head is out looking for it ... and you may see these individuals have a preponderance for wearing shirts with collars, or in colder climes, a scarf. This is to hide the scar(s) where the second (or more) head(s) has been surgically removed.

As the moderator and webmaster of this site, I am proud to proclaim that I am a (genealogically proven) "two-headed Taswegian" ....

Ian Byers

February 2016

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